Caring for your leather goods

Each leather product is individually made in our workshop. Slight markings and imperfections might appear, but we believe this gives each piece its uniqueness.

Dog Collars

We know some dogs love water, but please remember regular soaking will age your collar considerably.

Embroidery and loose threads

Each belt and collar is lovingly hand-embroidered by our large team of dedicated embroiderers.  Belts can take 4 - 5 hours to embroider.  Occasionally, a thread may come loose, if it is caught on something, e.g. a collar on a bramble.  If this happens, push the end of the loose thread under the neighbouring threads (using a small pair of scissors) and add a drop of superglue to keep it in place.

Suede Bags

We recommend that you protect your suede bag using a proprietary suede protector, before use, to help maintain its appearance.